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Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, THERMI

Τhermi for sale Modern, Newly built 300sqm. Private Construction House independent high quality construction with many openings 300sqm. governed by...

Posted Apr 25, 2019  to Detached House
Greece, Corinthia, Fragkolimano, Soligeia

Detached House 242 m², Fragkolimano, Soligeia

Posted Apr 25, 2019  to Detached House
Greece, Arcadië, North Kinouria

Parcel 4700 m², Xiropigado, North KinouriaJust 50 meters from a lovely sandy beach it is located a plot of 4,700 sqm in an off-plan area with panor...

Posted Apr 25, 2019  to Land
Greece, Corinthia, Soligeia

Detached House 202 m², Fragkolimano, Soligeia

Posted Apr 25, 2019  to Housing Exchange
Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, THERMI

THERMI-See the entire Thermi only us- sale 140sqm. maisonette all measures legally modern architecture with 120sqm garden. Some modern energy stand...

Posted Apr 24, 2019  to Maisonette
Greece, Chalcidice, PALINI

Paliouri Chalkidiki for sale 9.750tm. Land sloping front, next to the sea, in a privileged position. Buildable. Code 10894 Call us for a free ...

Posted Apr 24, 2019  to Land
Greece, Chalcidice, PALINI

Paliouri for sale Luxury 150sqm. Maisonette with private garden 300sqm. And communal pool 72sqm. And large terraces about 40sqm. With stunning sea ...

Posted Apr 24, 2019  to Detached House
Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, KATO SCHOLARI

KATO SCHOLARI for sale professional building of high visibility, 3 levels, 960sqm. Ground floor, 960sqm. floor and other 960sqm. basement, on a par...

Posted Apr 23, 2019  to Apartment
Greece, Magnesia, Volos, Platanidia

Platanidia is a seaside settlement of the Local Community of Ano Lechonia of the Municipality of Volos of the Regional Unity of Magnesia and is abo...

Posted Apr 22, 2019  to Maisonette
Greece, Attica, Marathon, Νεα Μακρη

Ανακαινισμενο διαμ/σμα β´οροφου 85τμ,2υδ,2wc πλησιον Κεντρου και Παραλιας Νεας Μακρης.Πλησιον Παραλιας,Αττικης Οδου,Αεροδρομιου και Λιμενος Ραφηνας...

Posted Apr 21, 2019  to Apartment for rent
Greece, Attica, Rafina, Νεος Βουντζας

Μονοκατοικια 145τμ,3υδ,2wc συν ισογειο ανεξ.διαμ/σμα40τμ,κηπος 600τμ στο Νεο Βουντζα.Εχει εξαιρετικη θεα θαλασσης.Πλησιον Παραλιας,Αττικης Οδου...

Posted Apr 21, 2019  to Detached House
Greece, Argolis, Nafplion - Nafplio

Detached House 100 m², Lefkakia, NafplioIn Lefkakia Nafplion is located under construction a house in two levels with a total surface of ​​100 sq.m...

Posted Apr 19, 2019  to Detached House
Greece, Attica, Rafina

Πληρως επιπλωμενο και εξοπλισμενο νεοδμητο διαμερισμα ,1υ/δ ,στο Νηρεα Ραφηνας.Πλησιον Παραλιας,Αττικης Οδου,Αεροδρομιου και Λιμενος Ραφηνας.

Posted Apr 18, 2019  to Apartment for rent
Greece, Attica, Rafina

Πωλουνται 2 ομμορα παραθαλασσια γωνιακα οικοπεδα στο Νηρεα Ραφηνας.Πωλουνται και ξεχωριστα 1000 τμ και γωνιακο 1500 τμ ΣΔ 0,9.Πλησιον Παραλιας,...

Posted Apr 18, 2019  to Land
Greece, Attica, Rafina

Εντελως νεοδμητη μεζονετα πολυκατοικιας ισογειου/πρωτου 85τμ,2υδ με κηπο, παρκινγκ και αποθηκη στην Ραφηνα.Πλησιον Παραλιας,Συγκοινωνιων,Σχολειων,Κ...

Posted Apr 17, 2019  to Maisonette
Greece, Attica, Rafina

Εντελως νεοδμητο διαμερισμα γ'οροφου 85τμ,2υδ,με αποθηκη και κλειστο παρκινγκ πλησιον Παραλιας Ραφηνας.Πλησιον Καταστηματων,Σχολειων,Παραλιας,Αττικ...

Posted Apr 17, 2019  to Apartment
Greece, Kastoria, Kastoria, Καστορια χλόη

Πωλείται μονοκατοικία 350 τμ κατασκευής 1989 στην Καστοριά στην περιοχή Χλόη. Το σπίτι είναι χτισμένο σε υπέροχο γωνιακό , προνομιούχο οικόπεδο 2.2...

Posted Apr 16, 2019  to Villa
Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, THERMI

Thermi On request luxury bioclimatic two storey house of 160sqm with private garden of 260sq.m. (with different thermostats on each floor), heat ex...

Posted Apr 16, 2019  to Detached House
Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, TAGARADES

Thermi Tagarades area 300sqm for sale. commanding unique luxury villa at 800sqm. plot with beautifully landscaped garden with lawn and anoichtosia ...

Posted Apr 16, 2019  to Detached House
Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, PANORAMA

PANORAMA - View all Panorama only with us - for sale 320sqm. unique luxury house is located within privileged 1.500sqm. offering unobstructed sea v...

Posted Apr 14, 2019  to Detached House
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