Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions  Normal User

 Q: How can i Register as Regular User?

A: Just Click on register link above and register for free


Q: Is add properties fully free?

A: Yes, you do not pay any thing.


Q: How long can i add property?

A: Each property stay online for 1 year, later you can click on link and renew agen.


Q: Is the buyer contact the seller or contact Realgreekhome?

A: The buyer will contact you directly i do not see any communication between you and the buyer.


Frequently Asked Questions  For Agency

Q: How can i Register my agency?

A: Click on register link above and register as Agency.

Q: What cost registration of my agency?

A: Registration is fully free.

Q: How many properties can add to my account?

A: Unlimited..

Q: How can the buyer contact our agency?

A: The buyer can directly contact you without contacting us.

Q: Can RealGreekHome see our email communication with Clients?

A: No, we do not see any Mail Communication between the agency and the buyer.



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