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Greece, Corinthia, Soligeia

Sale, Land Plot 1250 m², Soligeia, CorinthiaFor Sale, Plot wIthin Settlement, Solygeia 1250sq.m, features: On Corner, For development, Coverag...

Posted Aug 31, 2018  to Land
Greece, Corinthia, Saronikos

Sale, Parcel 5500 m², Katakali, Saronikos

Posted Aug 31, 2018  to Land
Greece, Aegina, Aegina, Kipseli

The plot of land is located on the famous island of Aegina -a historical and picturesque island near Athens.It is in the settlement of Kipseli ,a b...

Posted Aug 30, 2018  to Land
Greece, Attica, Alepoxori

Land Plot 288 m², Alepoxori, Rest of AtticaWithin urban plan: Yes, Facade: Yes, Residential zone, Road type: Asphalt road, Investment: Yes

Posted Aug 25, 2018  to Land
Greece, Attica, Marathon

Μοναδικη παραθαλασσια γωνιακη οικοδομησιμη εκταση 3800 μ. στην Παραλια Golden Coast Ν.Μακρης.Εφαπτομενο θαλασσης με ΣΔ 0,3 πωλειται ολοκληρο ή και ...

Posted Aug 22, 2018  to Land
Greece, Attica, Piraeus

Οικοπεδο με κτηριο Παραλιας Μικρολιμανου-Ζεας.Πολυ μεγαλης προβολης.2 στρεμματων ΣΔ 1,4.Προσφερεται για ξενοδοχειο,πολυκατοικια,καταστηματα,κλπ.ΤΙ...

Posted Aug 22, 2018  to Land
Greece, Thessaloniki, Epanomí

Epanomí river near  Ν.  Heraclea area for sale amphitheater land 250 acres valued with 900 meters from the sea outside the plan. If you a...

Posted Aug 21, 2018  to Land
Greece, Ipiros, Preveza

Νησι Βουβαλος στον Αμβρακικο Κολπο (Πρεβεζα).Ειναι 100 στρεμματα.ΤΙΜΗ ΚΑΤΟΠΙΝ ΑΙΤΗΣΕΩΣ.

Posted Aug 07, 2018  to Land
Greece, Chalcidice, KASSANDRA, ELANI

ELANI CHALKIDIKI for sale 62.000 sq.m. Plot of land with a distance from the sea about 500sqm. , in a privileged position, perfect and buildable. U...

Posted Jul 30, 2018  to Land
Greece, Achaea, Eliki, Diakopto

Sale, Parcel 6500 m², Eliki, DiakoptoFacade: Yes,  Agricultural zone, Road type: Dirt road, Agricultural use: Yes

Posted Jul 30, 2018  to Land
Greece, Chania, Innachori

Sale, Land Plot 4388 m², Moni Chrisoskalitissis, InnachoriFacade: Yes, Unincorporated zone

Posted Jul 29, 2018  to Land
Greece, Boeotia, Arachova

Sale, Land Plot 700 m², Arachova, BoeotiaFor Sale Plot, Arachova 700sq.m , view :Good ,  price: 150.000€

Posted Jul 24, 2018  to Land
Greece, Cycladen, Cyclades, Santorini

Sale, Land Plot 8000 m², Thira, SantoriniFor Sale, Plot, Santorini-Thira, Monolithos, 8000 sq.m., Amazing, Feautures: For development, Fenced, With...

Posted Jul 22, 2018  to Land
Greece, Chalcidice, NEOS MARMARAS

SITHONIA Chalkidiki Parthenonas for sale 783sq.m. with fantastic views of the sea and the mountain, at the highest point of the settlement. It is b...

Posted Jul 20, 2018  to Land
Greece, Chalcidice, AMOULIANI

HALKIDIKI on the island of Ammouliani region Karagatsia for sale 18.000sqm. Amphitheatrical plot with stunning sea view in a unique environment, ev...

Posted Jul 20, 2018  to Land
Greece, Evros, Alexandroupoli

Sale, Parcel 10500 m², Alexandroupoli, Evros,Alexandroupoli FOR SALE Agricaltural Size: 10500 m2, Code. 11520, 75.000 €

Posted Jul 16, 2018  to Land
Greece, Evros, Alexandroupoli

Sale, Parcel 7500 m², Avantas, Alexandroupoli,Alexandroupoli FOR SALE Agricaltural Size: 7500 m2, Code. 11519, 45.000 €

Posted Jul 16, 2018  to Land
Greece, Chalcidice, Kallikrateia, Nea Silata

Sale, Parcel 260 m², Nea Silata, KallikrateiaProperty Code: ,For Sale Agricultural Land , Kallikrateia, Nea Sillata, 260 sq.m., Status: Very Good, ...

Posted Jul 12, 2018  to Land
Greece, Attica, Ano Liosia

Sale, Land Plot 367 m², Agios Nikolaos, Ano LiosiaWithin urban plan: YesCoverage ratio: 50%

Posted Jul 11, 2018  to Land
Greece, Thesprotia, Acherontas, Glyki

In the settlement of Glyki, just a stone's throw from the river Acheron, a unique plot of land is for sale.It is tangential on the main road, givin...

Posted Jul 09, 2018  to Land
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