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Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

Panorama for sale Cozy Superior Loft 128sqm. 2 levels with garden of 100sqm. Unique ambience with 2 bedrooms and 1 large master bedroom. On the gro...

Posted Feb 02, 2023  to Maisonette
Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

Center for sale luxury maisonette of 260sqm in the center of Thessaloniki. Located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Built in 1990 with Unlimited View. Th...

Posted Jan 10, 2023  to Maisonette
Greece, Chalcidice, KALANDRA

Kalandra Chalkidiki 103sqm. Mezoneta fully furnished and equipped with 91sqm clean in an Extremely green settlement with two swimming pools for adu...

Posted Jan 04, 2023  to Maisonette
Greece, Attica, Rafina

Μεζονετα σε κηπο πολ/κιας 2005,67τμ,1υδ,2 Εισοδοι στην Παραλια Ραφηνας.Πλησιον Παραλιας,Αττικης Οδου,Αεροδρομιου και Λιμενος Ραφηνας.ΤΙΜΗ ΣΥΖΗΤ...

Posted Dec 27, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Cycladen

Σε ένα ήσυχο σημείο,αλλά πολύκοντά στο κέντρο της κοινωνικής ζωής και στις παραλίες, σε κομβική θέση, έχουν κατασκευαστεί 5 ανεξάρτητες κα...

Posted Dec 16, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Thessaloniki, 57010

Thessaloniki-Retsiki suburbs for sale 205 sqm Luxury Maisonnette (fully furnished) consisting of 3 levels. Ground floor-one living room with an int...

Posted Dec 14, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Chania, Maleme

Πωλείται μαιζονέτα στο Μάλεμε Χανίων Κρήτης 184 τ.μ. σε 4 επίπεδα. Υπόγειο γκαράζ και αποθήκη, ισόγειο κουζίνα καθιστικό σαλόνι ενιαίος χώρος, ...

Posted Dec 11, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Chalcidice, Siviri

Siviri Halkidiki 60sqm. for sale Apartment has a lounge, kitchen two rooms and bathroom with private garden of about 100sqm. front. Distance from b...

Posted Dec 10, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Chalcidice, Nea Moudania

Potidea Chalkidiki 82sqm. for sale Maisonette in front of the sea with unlimited view. It has a living room, a kitchen with three rooms and a bathr...

Posted Dec 10, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Argolis, Ermionida - Kranidi

The property consists of 1000 square meters’landoffering unobstructed sea view and direct access to a lovely beach and garden as well as a reside...

Posted Dec 07, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Attica, Rafina

ΕΥΚΑΙΡΙΑ!!!Μεζονετα 109τμ,3υδ,2wc,χρηση κηπου,ΜΠΡΟΣΤΑ στην Παραλια Πρωτεα Ραφηνας.Στην ακριβοτερη και καλυτερη περιοχη της Ραφηνας.Τα κατω υπνο...

Posted Dec 01, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Chalcidice

Vourvourou Sithonia Halkidiki for sale 85sqm. Magnificent Beauty Maisonette with a garden of 1.500sqm. Shared in a complex of 5 houses in a privile...

Posted Dec 01, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Argosaronikos islands, Salamina

Maisonette 140 m², Peristeria, Salaminasalamis xalioti ,seaside house 140sqm The house has its own plot of 700sqm.The house can accommodate up to n...

Posted Dec 01, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Attica, Kalivia Thorikou

Sale, Maisonette 223 m², Lagonisi, Kalivia Thorikou, € 450,000

Posted Dec 01, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Argosaronikos islands, Egina

Maisonette 105 m², Aegina, Argosaronikos islands

Posted Dec 01, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Attica, Athene East

Maisonette 172 m², Artemida (Loutsa), Athens - East

Posted Dec 01, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Attica, Markopoulo

Sale, Maisonette 200 m², Porto Rafti, MarkopouloPorto Rafti is a seaside town. It is built around the Bay of Porto Rafti Bay in the east coast of A...

Posted Dec 01, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

COUNTRYSIDE for sale 140sqm. house Countryside Hortiatis with bioclimatic design and environmentally friendly materials, fireplace, with Heraclitus...

Posted Dec 01, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

Sale, Maisonette 175 m², Exochi, ChortiatisEksoxi for sale 175sqm. .mezoneta Countryside Hortiatis with bioclimatic design and environmentally frie...

Posted Dec 01, 2022  to Maisonette
Greece, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki - Suburbs,, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki - Suburbs,

Sale, Maisonette 120 m²Kalamaria Ag. Ioannis for sale 120sqm gross 104sqm clean excellent construction and fitting-house two ground floor and first...

Posted Dec 01, 2022  to Maisonette
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